About Black Satin farms

Located in Houston County, Alabama and Jackson County, Florida, Black Satin Farms, also known as Southern Farms Inc, is a privately owned family farm with five generations of poultry experience. With over 2,000 acres of farmland available for livestock and poultry, Black Satin Farms does not engage in mass high density breeding practices used by most commercial hatcheries when breeding poultry. No breeding cages are used for any chicks sold.

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What to know about Black Satin Farms
Where is your farm located?

Black Satin Farms is part of the larger Southern Farms network of land, which includes hundreds of acres spread across Houston County, Alabama, and Jackson County, Florida. Black Satin Farms is located on the Houston County, Alabama property and is just south of the city of Dothan, AL and one mile north of the Florida state line.

What poultry do you raise or offer for sale?

Black Satin Farms only breeds and sells Ayam Cemani and American Black Satin chicks.

Do you raise any other animals on the farm?

No, Black Satin Farms only raises chickens.

Black Satin Farms
Located in South Alabama and North Florida, Black Satin Farms, Inc is The Largest Exclusive Breeder of Ayam Cemani Chickens in The US.
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