About Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani chickens are mysterious and rare. They’ve only been in the United States for a few decades so it is common for people to have questions when they see or hear about them for the first time.  Below are some of the most common questions that people ask about Ayam Cemani chickens.

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What to know about Ayam Cemani
Where do Ayam Cemani originate?

The Java Island of Indonesia

How big are Ayam Cemani chickens?

They are the same size as standard large fowl and adults can weight 5-7 pounds.

Are Ayam Cemani rare?

Ayam Cemani birds are the rarest chickens on the planet. it is the reason they are the most beautiful and expensive.

How often do Ayam Cemani lay eggs?

Ayam Cemani lay 3 to 4 eggs a week, 60 to 120 a year.

Are Ayam Cemani tolerant to cold weather?

Yes, they are tolerant to cold weather and very tolerant to hot weather.

Are Ayam Cemani Chickens docile?

Like other chickens, the more time you spend with your Ayam Cemani chickens while they are young, the more docile and used to human interaction they will be in most cases. They are usually more skittish than other chickens though.

Are Ayam Cemani hens setters, do they go broody?

Yes, Ayam Cemani hens can be setters and will sometimes go broody.

What are Ayam Cemani personalities like?

Ayam Cemani chickens are very friendly to humans and can be very curious.

What do Ayam Cemani chickens eat?

An Ayam Cemani will eat grains, seeds, insects, and vegetation, though their main source of food is grain.

How many Ayam Cemani chickens are there?

Many sources estimate that there are only 3,500 Ayam Cemani chickens in the world.

How long do Ayam Cemani chickens live?

Their lifespan ranges from 6 to 8 years.

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