What to know about American Black Satins
Why are ABS more expensive than other Ayam Cemani chickens?

The American Black Satin represents the rarest and most beautiful of all jet black chickens in the world. We believe that these birds are "clearly the blackest birds sold by any breeder of Ayam Cemani anywhere."

Is a U.S. breed of Ayam Cemani better than its Indonesian ancestor?

It is the clear opinion of our farm that the U.S. breeders of Ayam Cemani have worked particularly hard and intelligently to improve the breed and most current U.S. breeders of Ayam Cemani have improved the genetics of their flocks to a point that they are now superior to any overseas breeder of Ayam Cemani, including Indonesia.

It is the recommendation of our farm that U.S. poultry enthusiasts not purchase imported Ayam Cemani, not only for health of the flock reasons, but it will dilute the current genetic quality of the U.S. birds.

What are the unique features of your farm's American Black Satin chicken?

First: The blood and genetics of our American Black Satin breed is genetically tested by breeding on the farm, as well as offsite at a national poultry genetics lab. Only double fibro and gypsy faced gene birds are eligible for our breeding program.

Second: The feathers of the American Black Satin birds on our farm are so black that the "green sheen" that appears when the sun hits their jet black feathers are special and unique to American Black Satin chickens and Black Satin Farms, Inc.


Although 100% of the chicks born in all of our breeding programs (both Ayam Cemani and American Black Satin) are solid jet black and no chick is sold with any feathers not representative of the pure, all-black double fibro genetics, we guarantee that our American Black Satin chicks will maintain their solid pure black breeding until adulthood or we will replace any bird for free or give a full refund of  money if any leakage of non-black color is shown within a year of any chick purchase.

When did this breed start and what is its history?

American Black Satins were started in 2023 through meticulous genetic testing.

Why was this breed started?

This breed was started in effort to produce the highest quality birds with the most pure and intense black coloring.

How is the American Black Satin similar to and different from the Ayam Cemani?

Not all Ayam Cemani have the double expression of the two Fibromelanosis genes like the American Black Satin.

Why is the American Black Satin more expensive than the Ayam Cemani?

They are more expensive due to the time and effort that goes into the genetic testing. Each parent is guaranteed to have the double fibromelanistic gene which produces the deeply pigmented black coloring.

Black Satin Farms
Located in South Alabama and North Florida, Black Satin Farms, Inc is The Largest Exclusive Breeder of Ayam Cemani Chickens in The US.
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