What are Ayam Cemani chickens?

The rare Ayam Cemani breed originates from Java, Indonesia and are unique among chickens because of an unusual condition called fibromelanosis.  This genetic phenomenon means that every part of the bird is jet black. Not only the feathers, but the skin, comb and wattles, muscle and connective tissue, and organs are all jet black, or gray, in appearance.

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The Uniqueness of Ayam Cemani Feathers

When the light hits the feathers of an Ayam Cemani they have a beautiful iridescent sheen that ranges from green to purple. Any given Ayam Cemani individual may have one or two copies of the fibromelanosis gene. This is important to consider when breeding as only Ayam Cemani parents with two copies can have all their offspring to also have two copies.

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Ayam =

Chicken (Indonesian)

Cemani =

thoroughly black (Sanskrit)

Breeding Practices in The US

In the U.S. the breed is considered to be ornamental, not a heritage breed, and is not recognized by the American Poultry Association. U.S. breeders, like Black Satin Farms, will carefully breed pairs of Ayam Cemani roosters and hens for offspring that have pure black characteristics with minimal color spillage.

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Our Selective Process

Many sources believe that there are only around 3,500 Ayam Cemani chickens in the entire world, thus making it one of the rarest chickens you can find.  At Black Satin farms we raise our Ayam Cemani and Black Satin chickens for color, size, and gene expression. Any bird that shows color spillage in the feathers, beak, comb, wattles, feet, etc. are culled from the breeding program and left to live comfortably in our general population chicken coop.

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Black Satin Farms
Located in South Alabama and North Florida, Black Satin Farms, Inc is The Largest Exclusive Breeder of Ayam Cemani Chickens in The US.
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