What are American Black Satin chickens?

The American Black Satin is the rarest and most beautiful of all chicken breeds.  This American breed is the descendant of the purest solid black chickens of the world, the Indonesian Ayam Cemani.

This designer breed is the result of selected genetics and cross breeding of the most pure all black roosters and hens for the jet black quality sought after by breeders.  All feathers, skin, scales, beak, comb, wattles, feet, and internal organs are all solid black.  No other color appears on these beautiful birds.

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The "Bugatti" of Chicken Breeds

If Ayam Cemani is the “Lamborghini” of the chicken breeds as referenced throughout poultry articles and the internet, then the American Black Satin is the “Bugatti.”  Taking the highest standards of the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association and raising these aspirational standards to a new level.  Every bird must be a double fibro and gypsy face gene bird with absolutely no leakage of any other characteristics other than the pure black.

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Did you know?

American Black Satins are bred from Ayam Cemani blood lines to represent the best of the best of all black chickens.

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Our Guarantee

Every American Black Satin chick sold by our farm is guaranteed to have a double fibro gypsy face gene parent and culled to EXCLUDE the characteristics listed below. Money back guaranteed through  a 100% credit for cost of bird and replacement chick provided if your chick has any of these characteristics upon arrival.

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American Black Satin Standards

To qualify as an American Black Satin chick, they must be born of double fibro gypsy face genetic parent and culled to EXCLUDE any of the following characteristics before sale or shipment.

  • Any showing of white, pink, yellow, or any other color other than black on the footpad, toe, or toenail.
  • Any feather or down located on any part of the chick, including the hackles, saddle, or sickles having any light or colored leakage other than solid pure black.
  • Any wing tip or chick down showing white, light grey, or any other color except solid pure black.
  • The shanks have any feathers whatsoever
  • The comb or wattles have any red, rose, or purple discolorations.
  • The shanks, skin, or vents show any sign of pink, white, light grey or any other color except black
  • Any earlobe color other than black is expressed
  • The tongue or mouth has any pink coloring
  • Feet or toes are crooked, twisted, or otherwise not in proper and proportionate location

Although the above characteristics may naturally exist in Ayam Cemani breeding, they are not permitted in an American Black Satin.

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